Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A shared smoke and a funny joke
With a surprisingly likeable bloke

A quick look and an invisible hook
And a discussion on an inane book

An unfamiliar style and a quiet smile
Distractions for more than a while

A stolen glance and a long dance
And a planned evening of chance

A cupid’s dart and a beating heart
Growing fonder every moment apart

A little thought in a moment caught
Is it so transient, maybe or maybe not

So we did it right with hands clasped tight
Bonds witnessed by little doves white

Then the beginning of lies and long sighs
And the time to say goodbyes

An inevitable end and some pretend
Little cracks that we tried to mend

A little of me you just can’t see
Now I only want the freedom to be

Feelings shunned and arguments won
For, the two are no longer one


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