Thursday, December 04, 2008

Baby, I miss you, maybe, some of the times
But not as much as you’d like to think
It comes to me at the most expected of times
At times, when I’ve had one too many a drink

It’s almost like I make myself want to feel
Almost like I feel I should be feeling something
But baby, its part pretend and not really real
There’s not much left, but for the mark of the ring

You’ve not been part of my life for long now
And as the bonds grew weaker, I got stronger
And baby, I tried to warn you, I tried and how
I did tell you, it’s not going to last much longer

And now baby, I am here, and well, you are not
And maybe I should be sad, but I can’t be, I’m sorry
For even some months ago, who would have thought
I would be trying hard to hold on, at least to your memory


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