Thursday, November 18, 2004

Two girls, a late night hour (Why is it always 11 PM in the night when you feel like partying!) and a pub and you always always get the same result. The following has been concluded after firsthand research done by the author.
  • You ALWAYS bump into another all-girls group you know.
  • The other all-girls group and you ALWAYS end up sticking together for the rest of the evening.
  • In an already crowded space, a boisterous group ALWAYS stands next to you and keeps stepping on your toes and bumping into you.
  • There are NEVER any good-looking guys you can letch at.
  • The three or four good looking guys that you manage to locate are ALWAYS accompanied by their possessive girl-friends.
  • All the other guys around, i.e. the single guys, in the pub ALWAYS turn to look at your group at least once. Usually, first glances turn into second glances and they eventually mature into a full evening of staring which is always very irritating.
  • The boisterous group next to you ALWAYS gets more boisterous towards the end of the evening.
  • The creepy guy in the boisterous group ALWAYS buys all of you a round of drinks.
  • Just when you decide to leave (before you turn deaf), you spot a good looking guy. You check whom is he standing next to. Ah! Another guy. Finally! A good looking guy without a girlfriend. He looks at you and you look at him. You both exchange smiles and glances through lowered eye lashes. Then the guy standing next to him notices him looking at you and turns around to see you. The guy ALWAYS turns out to be his girl friend.


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