Friday, December 05, 2008

It was just another regular day. I was going about my own business. I admit it wasn’t much; business had been slow for a while. The silent phone was beginning to get my goat. Restless, I went for a walk in the crowded alleys where I worked.

I was walking in my usual fast-paced brooding silence, when I was suddenly pulled forcibly into a dark corner. I reached out to my pocket for a weapon, to find none. I turned around swiftly, prepared to attack. My hand froze midway. It was someone I knew, from a distance.

She looked around furtively and pulled me further into shadows. She was nervous, I could tell. I waited, my time was cheap. And she looked like business.

She whispered and I had to shift in closer to hear her. ‘I need help and I believe you’re the only one can help me’ she said. She trembled slightly, but I knew she was a cool bird. I waited for her to speak again. She looked up to me and said ‘I believe you’ve been downloading music past the firewalls. I need this song desperately, can you….’


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