Wednesday, April 30, 2003

me: Main bahut sabhya ladki hoon (I’m a very decent girl.)
stranger-friend: Yeah right !! And pigs can fly.
me: Pigs do fly coz pigs have wings. Didn’t you know?
stranger-friend: Nopesie. I ain’t from fantasy land.
me: Oh what you miss!
stranger-friend: You fill me in on what I missed
me: Everyone’s fantasy land is like a magic mirror. It reflects whatever you want to see.
stranger-friend: Make that your blog post for the day.
me: Why?
stranger-friend: It will make good reading that’s why.
me: Why does my blog post have to be good reading? Who am I writing it for?

I argued with my stranger-friend, but I ended up posting this all the same.
As a kid I used to day dream a lot. I guess we’ve all been there. As I grew older I lost that part of me. I still day-dream but they’re always grown-up dreams (Yes, there are different classifications of dreams). No wild dreams any more. Of kingdoms, princes and evil witches. Sailing in rough seas, climbing high mountains, houses of chocolates painted with ice cream.
I guess my mirror’s broken now. Or perhaps been removed and now hangs on another child’s walls.

Mirror mirror on the wall
Why can’t I see you at all?
Have been thinking of doing the blogger thingy. What would it involve? Do I really want to share little things about me with people? Is my hesitation proof of my willingness to do so?
Am I a bit scared that my page will not match up to some that I have been browsing through? Who am I competing against anyway? Or is it a feeling of self-lacking that keeps me from expression? What do I write about? What can I write about?
Little inconsequential things about my life. Or inane profundities?
(Do profundities and profanities sound similar?)
Do I even need to think so much? Don’t I always?