Friday, October 17, 2008

I read Love Story (Eric Segal) last night for the nth time. I don’t know why I read it again and again. I almost know the lines by rote. And yet, my eyes fill up and my heart gets heavy when I come to the last page.
The 'caption' of the book says 'Love means never having to say sorry'. And here I disagree. According to me, love means having to say sorry all the time. And why not! Love makes us all weak and we behave our worst when we are in love. We are constantly testing how far can we go, how much can the other person take of our true self. Can we throw things around; walk out of the door; say vindictive things; hurl hurtful statements which are said with the intention of hurt. Really, we hurt the ones we love the most. So why should we not apologise? I think we should apologise every moment. Sorrys and thank yous have salvaged many a relationship. And so, love means saying sorry.